About the Project

Practitioners new to library acquisitions work and long-time acquisitions workers alike can find themselves stymied by all the parts of acquisitions work “they didn’t teach in library school.” Editors Lindsay Cronk and Rachel Fleming are tackling the problem in everything nobody taught you about library acquisitions work. Featuring diverse voices from across the field and using an innovative modular format this open and adaptable text will cover exactly what readers want and need to know about the ever-changing landscape of library acquisitions.

A comprehensive guide to library acquisitions work is a huge goal, which Cronk and Fleming aim at building piece by piece. Brief and approachable sections addressing individual topics form blocks, which can be assembled modularly by readers to cover the breadth and depth required. The modular approach allows the project to collect the work of many authors, combining established and emerging voices. New modules and revised sections can be easily added to the established framework, creating a living work which will address the needs of acquisitions practitioners as those needs adapt and change.

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