Join us in Charleston

Learn more about the project and get to know your future collaborators in our two sessions:

“They Didn’t Teach This in Library School”: Identifying Core Knowledges for Beginning Acquisitions Librarians

Wednesday, November 7 • 10:30am – 11:15am

Library workers new to acquisitions or taking on new acquisitions duties can find themselves lost without appropriate resources. We often hear the refrain of “they didn’t teach this in library school.” Basic introductions to issues confronting acquisitions librarians can be hard to find and out of date. Meanwhile, emerging issues are addressed in journal literature, but few reviews of the issues are available to provide background to newcomers. While professional development opportunities strive to provide sure footing to acquisitions newcomers, we can often fall short, leaving our new colleagues feeling adrift.

Through a positive and structured discussion we will explore the existing and emerging areas of acquisitions that new librarians, librarians new to acquisitions, and even experienced acquisitions librarians can feel unprepared to navigate. We will use several discussion formats to examine topics like: what new acquisitions librarians don’t (and do) know starting out; areas we feel most uncertain and unprepared; what we feel is essential knowledge for starting acquisitions librarians; and best formats for delivering professional development in these areas.

Results of the discussions will be collected, synthesized, and widely distributed as an agenda for introduction to acquisitions professional development. We hope that they will encourage additional opportunities for professional development based on the expressed needs of new acquisitions librarians.

Decoding the Scholarly Resources Marketplace

Thursday, November 8 • 11:30am – 12:10pm

Developed with input from a variety of library workers and industry representatives, this session will provide a current and concise introduction the scholarly resource marketplace for academic libraries, highlighting the financial and functional connections between major market actors providing services and content to libraries.

Discussions of vendor relations in libraries have often focused on the interpersonal collaboration of library workers and vendor representatives. In the process, they have overlooked or neglected the connections between publishers and vendors, their parent corporations and subsidiary companies.

Decoding requires a focus on vocabulary and building shared understanding of the marketplace for scholarly resources. In libraries, we may use vendor names as shorthand, creating a jargon barrier which can impede understanding and efforts. To this purpose, the speakers will provide succinct and clarifying descriptions and overviews of the market actors, their market shares, and their subsidiary and parent business relationships.

In this introductory session, the speakers will seek to decode and communicate the current scholarly resource marketplace, providing a practical overview to the market forces at play that should inform collection strategies and decision making.

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